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2023 Shanghai Frankfurt auto parts opened, 5652 domestic and foreign enterprises appeared on the same stage

2023 Shanghai Frankfurt auto parts opened, 5652 domestic and foreign enterprises appeared on the same stage

As a highly influential service platform for the automotive industry in the world, the 18th Automechanika Shanghai (Shanghai International Auto Parts, Maintenance testing and diagnostic equipment and service Supplies Exhibition) will set sail again in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from November 29 to December 2, 2023. The global automotive industry has been reunited for a long time and once again gathered in Shanghai to participate in this year-end event of the automotive industry. As a set of information exchange, industry promotion, business services and industrial education as one of the entire automotive industry chain service platform, the exhibition overall display area of more than 300,000 square meters, an increase of 36% over the previous session. It attracted 5,652 exhibitors from 41 countries and regions at home and abroad to the same stage, an increase of 71%. So far, the number of pre-registered visitors has exceeded the historical record of the 2019 exhibition, and it is expected that the four-day exhibition will start the crowd.

On the occasion of the opening of Automechanika Shanghai, Ms. Zhou Shao LAN, General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Hong Kong) Limited, said: "With the technological changes and developments in the fields related to the supply chain of new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicles, as well as the accelerated transformation and upgrading of traditional parts and aftermarkets, the global automotive industry is focusing on China to explore the growing potential market share and huge business opportunities." Automechanika Shanghai, as a powerful international service platform for the automotive industry, will review and summarize the performance and achievements of this year with colleagues in the global automotive industry in the next few days, and through on-site face-to-face market information exchange and technical communication, industry trend analysis and business docking. Together, we look forward to and plan for new business cooperation in the future, and shape the blueprint of the automotive industry with unlimited potential."

At the same time, Ms. Zhang, general manager of China Machinery International Cooperation Co., LTD., said: "Under the guidance of the 'New Four Modernizations' strategy, the automobile industry has once again ushered in technological change and industrial reshaping driven by the wave of electrification and intelligence. The deep integration of the new generation of information technology and the automobile manufacturing industry has put forward more comprehensive requirements for the automobile industry chain while broadening the upstream and downstream industry chain of the automobile industry. This year, we further deepen the theme of "Technological innovation, Driving the future" exhibition, in-depth analysis of industry changes for the automotive industry, providing new thinking and inspiration for the industry. In the future, we will continue to embrace industry changes with a pragmatic attitude and a more effective innovation model, take exhibition as a 'chain', gather the global automotive ecosystem, let more foreign products and services come in, and let more Chinese manufacturing and Chinese creation go out, so as to enable China and even the global automotive industry to achieve stability and long-term development."

The indicators of this exhibition are showing a high degree of internationalization, in terms of exhibitors and pavilions, a total of 5,652 exhibitors from 41 countries and regions gathered in Shanghai. In addition to the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Germany, France, the United States, Turkey, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, there are a number of Asian pavilions to further expand their exhibition area, including South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan.

The strong lineup of participating brands will also bring a fresh and fresh cutting-edge automotive technology, innovative concepts and service models to the attendees. Bosch will present a full range of intelligent electric vehicle diagnostic products and Bosch car connection services; Zf will provide high voltage training, new energy braking system products and the latest solutions for the digital management of intelligent fleet for the new energy after-sales field; Rheinmetall will introduce a range of sensors and high-pressure contactors; Mahle will present a comprehensive solution for the development of electric vehicles, and the exhibition will bring a series of products such as high voltage battery packs with integrated diffuser cooling, liquid management modules for electric vehicles, electric cooling modules, electric compressors, and high voltage drive motors. Huirun's new energy automotive electronic water pump is suitable for automotive cooling system, drive system, power battery thermal management system.

In the field of new energy vehicles and autonomous vehicles, the exhibition will present a more complete product layout, bringing together new energy vehicles, core components, fuel cells, intelligent driving, charging pile and other products, representative exhibitor GAC Aean will bring several new energy vehicles and DC charging pile products; Horizon will bring integrated solutions for intelligent driving; Unity will showcase virtual interaction and digital twins; Ambar Semiconductor will demonstrate cutting-edge chip technology; Rupu Lanjun will present its lithium battery technology and solutions in the field of new energy vehicle power and smart energy storage.

In order to meet the growing demand for new energy after-sales maintenance products and technologies, exhibitors in the field of repair and maintenance will present new energy repair and testing diagnostic equipment, tools, body and painting, new energy after-sales service chain and other related products and solutions. On behalf of the brand, Yuanlevy will exhibit a series of new energy vehicle maintenance products to provide one-stop maintenance services for new energy maintenance plants, including new energy diagnostic kits, intelligent digital power supplies for new energy vehicles, battery pack module charging and discharging integrated machine, battery pack air tightness detector, battery pack battery cell equalizer, insulation tester, battery pack disassembly platform, etc.

Other major exhibitors include Eurofren, NSS, Phinia, SANGSIN BRAKE, Stellantis and Yong Ming, Erling, Avoit, Anso, BASF, Baojie, Pixton, Pentium, Brand, Brembo, Great Power, Total Energy, Fabi, Gao Chang, Goodyear, Fireeagle, Cluster car treasure, Juncheng, Compton, Kangzhong, Keji, Li Mo, zero kilometers, Qianjin, Sensata, Sundi, Ridder, Double Star, Teck, Temington, Teko, Tongrun, Wan Da Bao Tong tire, Power Lion, New Ruili auto parts chain, star card, according to the industry, Yi He Jie, Enoch, Eagle flying, intelligent driving technology, Zhongchuang and Zhongyi Teda.

In terms of on-site audience, this year's exhibition will welcome a total of 177 professional buyers at home and abroad to visit and purchase, and the number of buyers has reached a record high, which reflects the high enthusiasm of global automotive industry practitioners to actively participate.  They include Egypt, Australia, Pakistan, Brazil, Poland, Germany, Philippines, Colombia, South Korea, Malaysia, United States, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Morocco, Norway, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Singapore, Iran, Italy, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The "Technology • Innovation • Trend" concept exhibition area shows the cutting-edge technological achievements of the entire automotive industry chain

This year, Automechanika Shanghai will continue to focus on seven product segments, covering 13 showrooms, and comprehensively focus on innovative technologies and cutting-edge solutions for the entire automotive industry chain. The "Technology • Innovation • Trend" concept exhibition area, which debuted in the last exhibition, has been deepened and expanded this year, with a new look to welcome industry insiders at home and abroad to participate in the new technology and embrace the new trend of industrial development. The concept exhibition area is composed of the main venue of "Technology • Innovation • Trend", hydrogen and electric parallel, intelligent driving future exhibition area, green maintenance exhibition area and refit x technology exhibition area.

As a key exhibition area, the main venue of "Technology • Innovation • Trend" (Hall 5.1) is composed of keynote speech area, product display area and rest and exchange area, focusing on hot topics and products in various fields such as automobile manufacturing, sustainable development of new energy and intelligent connected automobile industry chain, cross-border integration and innovative development. Provide key market insights and cooperation opportunities for the global automotive industry to accelerate the trend towards electrification and intelligence and cross-border cooperation, including:

● Companies such as ZF, Rheinmetall and Ruppl Lanjun reveal intelligent chassis technology

● NIO and Charging Branch of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers shared replenishment technology and market outlook

● Dong Fenghua Shen and Nanyue Electric Control and other enterprises to share the fuel cell industry layout and key technologies

● Companies such as Amba Semiconductor, Bosch and Horizon share intelligent driving solutions and landing applications

● BASF, Platit and HP share automotive 3D printing solutions

● Antochi and the Remanufacturing Branch of China Materials Recycling Association will share remanufacturing regulations and market developments

Hydrogen and electricity parallel, intelligent Driving Future Exhibition area (Hall 5.1) will focus on new technologies and solutions for future mobility, co-existing with the main venue of "Technology • Innovation • Trend" in the same exhibition hall, focusing on intelligent driving solutions and fuel cell landing application scenarios, presenting relevant cutting-edge technologies for the future development of automobiles, and comprehensively demonstrating the integration and innovation mode of multi-field future travel.

At the same time, the Green maintenance exhibition area (Hall 6.2) will make a strong return, focusing on solutions and technical topics related to maintenance diagnosis through on-site demonstrations and other activities, and focusing on showing the development trend and prospect of the new energy vehicle aftermarket. The Modified x Technology exhibition area (Hall 8.2) brings together vehicle accessories in different driving environments such as popular modified models, audio and video electronics, and lighting, presenting the latest innovative elements and personalized trends in the automotive modification market.

As an efficient industry platform for information sharing and resource integration, Automechanika Shanghai has always been accompanied by the development of China's auto parts and aftermarket, providing attendees with an excellent opportunity to comprehensively and deeply explore the cutting-edge information and latest market dynamics of the automotive industry. This year's show will feature 77 colorful concurrent events, where influential industry experts and thought leaders from the industry will share their forward-looking views and trends on the automotive market.

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